June 12, 2013

Bob Cake

Event: 2nd birthday
Paul Cake

Event: 40th birthday 

Alisha Cake

Event: 1st birthday 
Design: Hootabelle

Charlie 1st Cake

Event: 1st birthday

Tamara 6th Cake


Event: 6th birthday 
Design: Barbie
Maisey Cupcakes

Event: 1st birthday 
Design: Ladybird cupcakes
Crocodile cupcakes


Event: 1st birthday
Jo Baby Cake
Event: Baby Shower
Layla 6th Cake

Event: 6th Birthday 

Merryl & Wayne Cake


Event: Wedding
Cake: White chocolate mud cake

Christmas Cupcakes

Event: Christmas
Cake: Chocolate & Vanilla
Sian & Glenn Cake


Event: Wedding
Cake: Bottom layer = fruit cake.  Top 2 layers = chocolate

June 11, 2013

Lily Cake


Event: 1st Birthday
Cake: Chocolate

August 24, 2011

Dalton Cake

Event:21st birthday



Cake: Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate again

Jarvis Cake

Event:1st birthday and Christening



Cake:Chocolate, Vanilla and then Chocolate again

Kiwi Cake

Event: Fiona's 34th Birthday

Design: Kiwi


Cake: Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream

Kemal Cake

Event: 40th Birthday



Cake: Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache

June 18, 2011


Event: Birthday

Design: Rainbows & Caterpillars

Inspiration: For Tamara to take to Kinda to give out for her birthday

Cake: Vanilla and butter cream

Tamara the 5th Cake

Event: 5th birthday

Design: Rainbow cake

Inspiration: Tamara told me exactly what she wanted

Cake: Vanilla (Tamara's favourite)

Kobe the 2nd Cake

Event: 7th birthday

Design: Army

Inspiration: Kobe is into Soldiers

Cake: Chocolate and butter cream

Bree & Rob Cake

Event: Wedding


Inspiration: Bree wanted something simple, with a touch of colour

Cake: Fruit and top 2 layers chocolate mud

The Ian Cake

Event: 50th Birthday

Design: Road sign, with a couple of bums (cause he is a man)

Inspiration: Ian is a motorbike man, so the 50km sign seemed appropriate

Cake: Chocolate

Layla the 5th Cake

Event: 5th Birthday

Design: Number 5 the butterflies and flowers


Cake: Vanilla cake and buttercream icing

June 10, 2011

Lily Cake

Event: 1st Birthday

Design: Dora

Inspiration: Lly loves Dora

Cake: Chocolate with butter cream

November 23, 2010

Max & Rick Cake

Event: Wedding
Design: Dessert stand
Cake: Choc cake, lemon slice, choc brownie, shoertbreads, cupcakes

Bill Cake

Event: 70th Birthday
Design: Number 70
Cake: Chocolate butter cake with chocolate Ganache

Chayce Cake

Event: Christening
Design: Spots
Cake: Chocolate butter cake

September 9, 2010

Abby the 2nd cake

Event: 3rd birthday
Design: Giant cupcake
Cake: Chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes

Mylee Cake

Event: Baptism
Design: Lime and pink
Cake: Chocolate

September 3, 2010

Mitch the 3rd Cake

Event: Mitch 3rd bithday
Design: Chipmunks
Inspiration: Nothing in the cake world for chipmunks so had to do my own
Cake: Chocolate

Andy Cake

Event: Birthday
Design: Marfia Wars game
Inspiration: Andy is obsessed with Marfia Wars
Cake: Chocolate

Tamara the 4th cake

Event: Tamara's 4th birthday
Design: Giant cupcake
Inspiration: Tamara got to decide what she wanted this year
Cake: Vanilla buttercream

Playgroup the 3rd cake

Event: Playgroup have a party for all the kids
Design: Clown
Inspiration: Needed something unisex
Cake: Chocolate

Alan Cake

Event: 80th Birthday
Design: Number 80
Cake: Chocolate and more chocolate

April 21, 2010

Owen Cake

Event: 4th Birthday
Design: Spiderman
Inspiration: Owen loves Spiderman
Cake: Chocolate

Golf Cupcakes

Event: 60th Birthday
Design: Golf
Inspiration: He is a golf player and a Essendon supporter so the 60 is done in those colours
Cake: Chocolate cupcakes

Ava Cake

Event: 1st Birthday
Design: Teddy bear and building block
Cake: Teddy bear chocolate and blocks vanilla

Sydney Swans

Event: Birthday
Design: Sydney Swans
Inspiration: Sydney Swans supporter
Cake: Vanilla cupcakes

Grace Cake

Event: 1st Birthday
Design: Butterflies and flower cupcakes
Inspiration: Cute cupcakes for a cute girl
Cake: Vanilla and Chocolate

Layla Cake

Event: 4th Birthday
Design: Princess and Cupcakes
Inspiration: Had image, but needed to feed more than the cake
Cake: Chocolate cake and vanilla cupcakes

Tony Cake

Event: 50th Birthday
Inspiration: Tony is a St Kilda supporter
Cake: Chocolate

Jo Cake

Event: 50th Birthday
Design: Sexy bum
Inspiration: Jo's Husband said she is always bending over and you can see her underwear
Cake: Vanilla

Howard Cake

Event: 60th birthday
Design: Photo image
Inspiration: Had a picture of Howards favourite plane
Cake: Chocolate

August 24, 2009

Pauline Cake

Event: 30th Birthday
Design: White chocolate and more white chocolate
Inspiration: Pauline wanted white chocolate mudcake
Cake: White chocolate mudcake

Petula & Bill Cake

Event: 30th Wedding Anniversary
Design: Present
Cake: Bottom layer chocolate, top layer fruit

Emerald Cupcakes

Event: 7th Birthday
Design: Fairy wand cupcakes
Inspiration: Emerald had a fairy party
Cake: Vanilla cupcakes

July 20, 2009

Ona the 2nd Cake

Event: Birthday
Design: Wizard with Crystal Ball
Inspiration: Fiona loves wizards
Cake: Chocolate of course, Fiona LOVES chocolate

Rhys Cake

Event: 7th Birthday
Design: Batman
Inspiration: Rhys loves Batman
Cake: Chocolate